Behind The Scenes


Janine Anzalone


Janine Anzalone
Daniel R. Solomon
Joe Anzalone


Janine Anzalone and Daniel R. Solomon


  Daniel R. Solomon

Daniel R. Solomon is an award-winning writer/director who has worked in film and theatre. In 2003 he was named one of the top 250 directors in Miramax/HBO’s Project Greenlight 2002-2003. In 2005, Solomon’s RACE CITY was named a finalist in the 9th Annual Scriptapalooza International Screenwriting Competition. In 2006 his short STOPLIGHTS garnered the grand prize at the NEXT GENERATION SHORT FILM COMPETITION. Also in 2007 Solomon made it to the final 200 directors out 17,000 in Steven Speilberg’s ON THE LOT filmmaking competition. Solomon followed this up with his short film, THE ASSASSIN’S WIFE, won the Jury Prize for Best Florida Produced Short at the 2009 Jacksonville International Film Festival and was selected for the Jury Competition at Rutger Hauer’s I’VE SEEN FILMS International Film Festival in Milan. Daniel is currently in development on two feature films ANNIVERSARY and PLAYING HOUSE – as well as co-writing a new feature script with DC Producer Khris Baxter entitled HOMESTRETCH.


  Sean Shea

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